Friday, March 6, 2009

First lambs!

We got home this Friday just before our half-term break, to discover a little surprise in the barn!

Maggie, our new mom, and a three-year old, gave birth to twin lambs while we were at work. It was a warm day (40 degrees F), so no difficulties, at least that we saw. Both lambs have been observed feeding. Both are warm.

We think we have a ewe-lamb and a ram-lamb. I tried to find out, but Maggie turns out to be a good mom. She charged me pretty solidly, and repeatedly, as I tried to pick up the one we think is a girl.

The other is definitely male.

It was silly to continue with this, as the lambs might easily have been trampled by their own rather irate mom in the process of her quite sturdy defense of their welfare.

Defeated by a sheep! But, discretion the better part of valor.

This year is the P-year. All lamb names are alphabetical in order of year. Last year we had Oscar, Othello, and Oliver. The year before was Nellie, Nugget, and Neeps. My sister has already sent us a long list of P-names she and the girls at her work (a department of the Welsh Blood Service) came up with. So, two P-names from the list or elsewhere. Aimee generally picks the names.

Night checks tonight.

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