Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hippie moms and disciplinarians

Aimee has a new theory of sheep motherhood.

Some ewes are "hippie moms," and let their lambs run, don't mind who comes to visit, are willing to feed other lambs, and generally have low standards when it comes to the amount of supervision required. Nellie, apparently, falls into this category.

Other ewes, like Tillie, are super-nanny types, always subjecting their own, and other ewe's lambs, to sharp discipline, head-butting unwanted drinkers away from the udder, and generally making sure they know where their lambs are at any particular time.

Since it's lamb city on the Womerlippi acres, with a nine-lamb strong lamb pack running around, Aimee will have plenty of opportunity to test out this hypothesis, at least observationally.

Actually, that's what we do for fun around here: watch lambs.

This wet weekend we look forward to some lazing around. I for one am grateful for some real time off from being a college professor. It's a temporary respite, but you can literally feel the stress dissipate in the muscles of your back and neck, a bit like a slow crack spreading across a car windshield.

I had a very busy week, with lots of meetings and reports due, and, worst of all, business travel: a night in a business-travelers motel hundreds of miles away in the city; while Aimee had her usual stress-filled time just staying on campus.

If we have a nice rest and watch some lambs this weekend, we might just be able to last the semester. Only four weeks left!

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