Sunday, April 19, 2009

Poor old hen

One of the Rhode Island Reds got caught in the sheep's hay feeder. She got all twisted up and couldn't walk after that. She wasn't in pain, so we kept her fed and watered and bedded down for a few days, but she didn't get any better, so I slaughtered her today, plucked and dressed and cooked her.

Should have known better than to roast her though. Very tough. I guess what's left her will be curry as soon as I get a chance.

Today was warm and sunny, so I spend much of the day outside tinkering and tidying. The farm has more or less recovered from the winter, although the grass and trees are not green yet. A few more days should do it. I saw popple (aspen) trees in bloom today, and the peepers are loud down by the river.

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