Saturday, May 16, 2009

First real weekend of the summer

Although I have community wind power consulting to do every single day next week, that's still not work like teaching is work, and so this was the first real weekend of the professorial summer break, and it was also the start of our growing season.

Mean last frost around here is usually given as May 18th, but we're a good deal higher here in Jackson, 525 feet to be exact, in our dooryard. I expect June 1 was the standard date used by gardeners and farmers for generations in Jackson.

Out early lettuce and spinach being in the greenhouse and nearly ready, it was time for the early row crops outside: peas, potatoes, onions.

I put up a pea and bean trellis, made the tomato bed for later, and planted seed potatoes, six different varieties, yellow and red onions, and peas.

Aimee almost finished the shingles on the barn, her work carefully inspected here by a chicken.

Vincent (Van Gogh) the gilt had fun tearing up a paper bag Aimee gave her. Piglets like toys, and until this one gets her sty-mates in two weeks time, she's a bit bored. But a lot safer than her last home, where she had her ears chewed off by big pigs.

Now we're waiting for a cold front to blow through with a big downpour. Tomorrow should be a good bit cooler. Today the thin spot on top of my head got sunburned.

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