Sunday, May 31, 2009

Primary productivity

Today was official "fish for free" day in Maine, so I went. Generally you need a $25 license, but today you could legally fish without one, if a Maine resident.

I don't fish much anymore, not compared with my youth, but Haggis and I had fun down at the beaver ponds trying to find a decent sized brook trout for supper.

Actually, Haggis was fishing for frogs. I was after the fish. Haggis likes to catch frogs, although he doesn't like to kill them. He just picks them up in his mouth.

One the way down there the vegetation was lush, growing over the trail, and threatening to erase it.

For comparison, look at this photo from an almost identical position taken this winter.

Amazing what a difference a few degrees of planetary tilt can make to living things.

Now it's time to go to the pig farm and pick up our remaining three feeder piglets.

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