Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Odd pictures

Ewes and lambs hanging out in the new paddock we fenced on Jean and Hamilton's land to the north. The rock ledges are good for playing "King of the Hill," or in British "King of the Castle."

Followed by a shot of the spray foam tractor tire repair. Is it a good system? How long does it last? Ask me in the fall.

Spray foam, cable ties (tie-wraps) and duct tape (bodge tape) are essential supplies for running this old homestead.

And then the piglet, lying down with the chickens. We put this little girl in the big pig pen and right away she started relating to the birds. She slept all night right next to and even touching our currently-broody Buff Orpington.

She must be lonely. More piglets coming the weekend, should fix that.

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