Sunday, August 29, 2010

Destabilizing the capitalist system

That's what Aimee and I say whenever people ask us why we give away food.

It's actually a Zen koan, with an edge of Forest Gump-type humor (like, would we really be dumb enough to think that if we gave stuff away for free, that would actually destabilize capitalism!) but you'd be amazed how many folks don't get it.

Anyway, once again we have grown more food than we can possibly eat now or use later, even if we did put it all up. One freezer is completely full, the other needs to hold a whole pig later.

We could try to sell these surplus toms, but really we don't have time. Our day jobs start tomorrow.

So we'll give away these three-pound bags of nice ripe tomatoes at work.

These are just the very best of the ones I picked a couple days ago. I have the same amount again already.

The ones with blemishes I made into that big white bowl of fresh salsa, which we already tucked into some. There's nothing quite like real fresh salsa.

Aimee's been preserving herbs. A work-mate told her that if instead of just hanging them (like I've always done) she would put them in plastic bags, they'd still dry, get no dust on them, and when the time came to use them there'd be some already loose in the bags.

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