Saturday, August 21, 2010

Orion sighted

That's it, official: fall is here.

We have all the traditional signs:

1) Trees just starting to turn, mostly maples in bogs and swamps
2) Cooler nights. Tonight it dropped down to 42 F
3) Tomatoes up the wazoo
4) Aimee took me shopping and bought me "new" (mostly from Goodwill) clothes
5) Sheep are eating apples every day
6) Shooting stars in the sky
7) Kitchen is a mess with canning stuff, and the floor is sticky
8) I'm not soaking bandanas and t-shirts with sweat each time I exert myself even a bit
9) The house windows are closed more hours than they are open, except for the bedroom ones
10) We have flies in the house

... and of course, 11) the constellation Orion is seen for the first time.

Haggis and I went out for his morning constitution at about 3.30 am and there was Orion, way to the east, and lacking the bottom star, but it was Orion all the same.

An Old Friend.

And then there was a bright red Perseid to the south.


Mag dogs and Englishmen may go out in the midday sun like other Americans and get all farmer-tanned and sweat their labor in the heat and humidity with the best, but we like our cool weather.

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