Saturday, February 26, 2011

Scrum for Kubota

Another snow day off from work yesterday, which was a good excuse to get some extra rest -- a long afternoon nap while the blizzard howled. Not that I don't have work I might do at home, but I was tired and needed the rest.

Once the storm was done, which wasn't until this morning, I went out to survey the scene. We received another foot of snow on top of two-three feet of consolidated pack.

Time to plow out the driveway, dooryard and barnyard.

It was pretty outside in the sun, but pretty cold too. I needed to wear my mitts to run the tractor. Insulated gloves couldn't hack it.

The garage was well-festooned with icicles.

Once I have the driveway plowed I like to drive the vehicles out from their berths before I clear the snow off them. It's a lot easy to sweep snow off of vehicles if you can walk all around them on level, already plowed, ground. Then you can clean out the parking spaces with the tractor and drive the vehicles back in, free of snow and ready to go do whatever you need them to do.

But the Ford couldn't make it over the snowbank, and so had to be tugged out with a chain. The little Kubota made fairly short work of moving the Ford.

I then had to change the sheep's water and clean a little inside the house. Aimee for her part went for the week's groceries.

Then of course the Six Nations rugby on BBC America.

England 17, France 9.

Say no more.

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