Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spring, everywhere but here

The four other farm blogs I like to read are making me jealous with their warm weather and pleasant outdoor activities, including planting.

We won't plant a thing outside for two more months at least.

Life at the End of the Road on my favorite Scottish Island of Raasay, where I was once a regular at the Outdoor Center, is digging with his wifie in his garden and tinkering with his generator.

Musings from a Stonehead is turning over raised beds.

Throwback from Trapper Creek
has green grass growing! I'm so jealous of that green grass!

And Colour it Green Diary is planting starts in her greenhouse. Ours is still snowed in.

But this too shall pass. It's now so light here in the evening that the chicken coop must be locked up for the night after dinner, not before.

But those snowbanks are still mighty big out there.


  1. Your planting season is somewhat around ours. I am in Northern Ontario, Canada. We don't get much in the way of planting until well after May 24th, depending on soil temperature. We have lots of snow still and the average night temperature still into -20 below. I so look forward to spring!

  2. I know where are! You're where that awful cold air comes from!

    What was it that they sang in the South Park movie: "Blame Canada!"

    But it does keep the riff-raff away, six months of the year.

  3. 7-14 inches of snow heading our way for tomorrow!

  4. Apparently we're to get up to a foot of snow today too, but thus far there's none.

    Looks like a weekend of hunkering down and digging out. Still, England vs. France in the Six Nations, live on BBC America at noon Saturday. For that, I can hunker happily. And by Tuesday it will be March.


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