Sunday, February 20, 2011

Snowshoe, sunshine

The snow had set up pretty well after the recent rainstorm and thaw, and it was a sunny Sunday afternoon today, so Haggis and I tried to go for a snowshoe hike in the woods. I was having fun, but Haggis was floundering, so we turned back and hiked the snowmobile trail instead.

That was fine for both of us, and so we did our same-old, same-old hike for the upteenth time this winter, down to the brook and back.

The shiny ribbon of ice in the second picture is what our neighbor Ham has for a driveway for the foreseeable. Looks like a bobsled run. I reckon you could skate it easier than walk it.

After getting back, I was still hoping to go someplace different, and so when I got Haggis safely back home, I took off into the woods next to the house. I thought Haggis would stay home and just wait in the dooryard, but he tried to follow again. If you look hard at the picture with our house in it (click to enlarge) you'll see him struggling to catch me.

Poor old dog.

So I took a picture from this different vantage point, a view of the place that we haven't been able to see for two months or so, while waiting for the snow to set up.

Then I went to help my dog get back to the house.

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