Friday, May 6, 2011

Peopling the peep pen

Here we are at the real farm store, the one run by Mainers that sells Maine stuff.

We're picking up the peeps.

I like picking up the peeps because peeps make Aimee smile. As ever, we drove all the way back home with the box on her lap, her nose in the peepy peepbox and a happy smile on her face.

Aimee has been branching out in her capacity as head Womerlippi farm Peep Wrangler.

As well as the good old Buff Orpingtons (Borpingtons?) and Golden Comets we've had for years, she ordered Barred Rocks and Golden Laced Wyandottes.

(I had to look up the spelling of Wyandottes.)

Some of these are for other folks at the college. Apparently there's a discount for bulk.

"Three pounds of assorted peeps and a bag of peep feed, please."

But we're keeping some Barred Rocks and Wyandottes, I am reliably informed by the Head of Peep Wrangling.

I'm assigned to peep delivery later today. How these poor folks are going to manage a box of peeps under their work desk for the rest of the day is their problem.

In other news, Monday was my last 8am class.

Actually, it was a 7.30 am exam, but the net effect is the same: No more early morning departures from the farm for at least three months.

To be ready for an 8am class, I have to pretty much be at the college by 7am or 7.30 am at the latest. It takes twenty-five minutes to get there, so I leave at 6.30 am. But I have to feed sheep first, so I'm eating breakfast around 5.30 am.

Today, in celebration, I ate breakfast at 7am. And then sat down to post on this blog.

What a luxurious feeling!

I will be doing wind power field research over the summer, but those are actual 8am starts, not "be ready to teach a class at 8am starts," so I won 't leave until 7.30 am.

It's amazing what a difference an extra hour makes.

Haggis and I used it to take a nice walk in the woods yesterday. Haggis liked his walk.

He also likes the peeps.

Haggis, a certified Australian chick-herd, loves his peeps.

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  1. " Haggis " ??? Really??? You are so mean! LOL


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