Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Zen of Sheep

I was wandering around with the camera yesterday evening at dusk, taking odd pictures for no good reason, except perhaps that wandering around your land with a camera taking pictures sometimes forces you to notice and appreciate things you might otherwise not.

Which if you think about it is a very good reason.

These two male goldfinches were attending Aimee's recently serviced feeder.

Our daffodils are in fine fettle, a slightly paler shade than the goldfinches.

The chickadee was a little blurry. He wouldn't sit still. And I have no idea why Aimee put the band of corn in the thistle feeder.

The sheep were playing sheep games. Cooped up all day while we were attending Unity College graduation, they were very happy to be allowed onto the Back Forty after dinner.

I wasn't going to let them out, since thunderstorms were forecast, but was forced to relent after I found silly Nellie with her head fully caught in the six-by-six inch mesh of a fourteen gauge sheep fence, obviously trying to reach the greener grass on the other side.

She was most upset to be caught, bleating very nervously. But this didn't stop her eating grass. Even though she was stuck fast and bleating, she was still tucking in pretty well.

I had to snip the fence twice to get the silly girl free. Her reaction was interesting. Once the wires were snipped, making a twelve inch hole that she might easily withdraw her head from, she just kind of stood there for a while, before finally pulling back and walking off shaking her silly wooly head.

Later, after I let them loose, she and Jewel had a big game with all the lamps, running up the hill then stopping, looking around at each other panting; then turning around and running down the hill, stopping and looking around again, panting; then running up the hill....

You get the idea.

Not exactly the most complicated game in the world, I know, but everyone was enjoying it, especially Jewel. I was watching from the back yard, while Aimee could see the lambs running, but not Jewel, from the window of her sewing room.

Sheep games don't have too many rules.

Very simple games do quite well for sheep.

I expect I could learn something from that if I thought about it.

These lambs are staring at me saying, well...

..."when are you going to learn?"

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