Thursday, July 18, 2013

Gift wrapped?

Aimee's birthday is coming up next month, just as we were reaching the "Tyvek" stage of our extension project. I told her I'd wrapped her present for her, and did she want me to put a bow on it? She said, "Yes, green with polka dots, please."

Well, alright then...

Not sure whether or not I'll find a green polka dot bow large enough by the 22nd of next month, but I do know that there won't be money for any other significant gift for her, since all we have is going into the extension right now. There might be energy for a bunch of flowers, or a cake, though.

Still, that's a pretty sold gift, bow or no. And it is what she asked for.

Sheep, in comparison, require nothing quite so complicated. A little green grass and a cooler day keeps them quite happy. Yesterday and the day before were scorchers, but then we had a very big storm last night, lightning crashing for a good hour, and it was nice and cool this morning and only got into the mid-eighties during the day, which I found relatively tolerable. Now, in the evening, the sheep are quite active, when during any of the last few evenings they would be still trying to avoid the heat somehow.

I'm sure if we'd had weather like today's in June I would have thought it quite unbearable, but you can get used to anything. It's still sticky, but definitely cooler. Late Saturday is supposed to give us some dry Canadian air, so I'm looking forward to that.

Here's the temporary back door. One major question is, when will this very useful entrance go away? There's no header, so it has to be walled in at some point. This is also the place where the bathroom window should go. I'm thinking it should go away later rather than sooner, since I need it to move in all the drywall, the wall, ceiling and floor insulation, the underlayment and flooring, as well as any large fixtures and fittings, such as a shower cubicle.

But it has to be gone before the snow flies. We can't have snow load on a roof over a door without a header!

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