Friday, July 12, 2013


Here's what I'm hoping is the last load of framing lumber, the hemlock material from Gerald Fowler's mill in Thorndike that we're using for the structure of our extension. This is the two by four inch stuff that makes the rafter trusses.

The nineteen-footers were very heavy and had to be built on the bench to get the proper measurements, then split into two halves, then manhandled up to the top plates and reassembled. I only actually fell down once, figuring all this out the hard way, but I have the bruises to prove it. It was just a short tumble, only four feet.

I have six more trusses to do and then I'll be done with framing this building. The sheathing will go on the roof, followed by Grace Ice and Water Shield, then the building wrap and windows and some detail at the soffets, and we'll be closed in, hopefully by next weekend.

It may then take a week or two to completely dry out before we can do any serious interior work. It's been moist this summer.

You can see the dogs looking out of the patio door, wondering what I'm doing down in the sheep pasture. Just a moment after this shot was taken, they both jumped out.

I'm sure they think that this is just some giant kennel I've built for their convenience.

But there is a nice view from that door.

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