Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day trip

Aimee said we could all go to the Owl's Head Transportation Museum for Father's Day -- my first one. We took the stroller so we could wander around without having to carry Roo, but in the end she preferred to be carried.

We stopped on the way to get Aimee a new kitchen hutch from the Maine State Prison showroom. This is the place where you can buy nice furniture made by the inmates. We have a lot of their stuff around the house.

We saw old cars, old airplanes, and lots of engines, which I liked a lot. We had french fries and milk, and then drove home slowly through the Maine countryside, looking for good yard sales.

When we got home, I finished connecting the Land Rover's engine and took it for a test drive. No leaks, which made me very happy, so I poured a glass of wine and we took it easy for the rest of the evening. Today it's raining, so we'll clean up the wreckage left in the workshop from the rebuild effort. Apparently I'm going to get Greek eggplant bake for my Father's Day dinner.

All in all, a Very Good Father's Day weekend. But I hear from the baby monitor that it's time to go be an actual dad.

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