Saturday, June 27, 2015

No leaks

Little Roo likes to "help" in the kitchen, so we built her this stool after a design Aimee saw on FaceBook. It places her at waist height next to any counter she wants to "work" at. She loves it. But you have to be sure there isn't anything within reach that shouldn't be dropped on the floor.

In other news, the Rover leaks were all stopped up after some effort, and we now have a working vehicle again. I put it back to work promptly on a fencing and gating project.

After seven or eight years of struggling with home-made wooden gates made with the cheapest possible wood, reject apple-ladder sides from our local apple ladder mill, we now are moving to "proper" metal farm gates. Here's the first one in place. I didn't mind the wooden gates but Aimee hated them. Each had some idiosyncrasy that made it impossible or difficult to use unless you had the "knack." I had the knacks, but Aimee didn't. But don't worry. She's paying for the expensive new gates.

The hay arrived Wednesday, and was duly put up by the hay team, consisting of Amishman Simon S., his four small boys, two "English" truck drivers, and myself. Three hundred bales later, we're all set for the year.

The new hay elevator worked well, once I took an extra link out of the chain. It had been catching. Last year it was too tight, so I added two links, but only one was enough.

Finally, here's the Rover, all shined up ...

And the Rover's "new" engine.

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