Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Egg Business

Our eight Golden Comet layer hens remained in full production so far this winter, which is unusual. Usually there's a drop-off during the longest nights. We give most of these eggs away. Not that they wouldn't be valuable if we sold them, but we get a kick out of just giving them away, and the costs are so small, we don't feel a big need to recoup them. Aimee has a loose schedule that will eventually provide eggs to most of our co-workers at Unity College, and other friends. We try not to play favorites, although we do tend to give more foodstuffs to folks who give us foodstuffs. The barter system, "lite."

Not exactly economic, I know. Aimee has a label she puts on the boxes that explains that we're trying to "subvert the capitalist system" by giving away "free, free range eggs." This is a sly joke, as well as a zen koan, but some folks take it seriously, which is even funnnier. The most ideological people around are always the ones that can never take a joke.

The truth is, we know pretty well we could never make a living from farming, and so just don't bother. We make a life instead, which is a very different thing.

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