Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Moving snow

We had about 12 inches last night and yesterday, another nor'easter. Time to break out the Kubota.

This is a 12 HP, three cylinder compact tractor, 4wd, with Kubota loader and rototiller, all stock, circa 1975, plus a bunch of American-made implements that go with. These things were designed for Japan's tiny government-protected 4 hectare rice farms and truck farms. The soil is often heavy, so 4WD is necessary. the loader is light duty, but the tractor has a lot of push for a little guy. Rugged. Starts every time, first time, but when it's cold you have to hold the glow plug switch down for 90 seconds, one-one thousand, two-one thousand, etc.

Aimee is collecting photos of my tractor and other equipment driving disasters, such as the time I put this thing on it's side (the first day we had it!). She wants 12 such pictures for a calendar.

Oh joy.

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