Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weekend Activities: Homebodying.

No one wants to go anywhere in the car today, so we're hanging out around here. Bliss.

Activities: Trying out the new knitting machine we got from eBay. (Very frustrating -- I gave up after a day and a half of trying to make this thing work.) Walking Haggis the dog in the snowy woods. Tending the sheep and chickens. This is Tilley and Molly, mother and daughter. Live-trapping a weasel. Baking bread. Listening to the Corries (the official Scottish folk music band of the RAF Mountain Rescue Service circa 1982), watching the football game on TV, hoping someone will revenge the Steelers by beating the Pats, either today or in the Superbowl. Probably drinking a beer while doing so.

High culture.

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