Saturday, August 2, 2008

Biogas experiment, stage II

Here's Abraram on the loose, not a problem, since I wanted to move the sheep, he was intentionally free. But moving at a fast clip. Action shot.

Then the motor and digester for the biogas genny. The shredder blade fell off the motor after a bit of cutting with the stick welder. It wasn't cut through, just red hot enough to loosen the heated fit.

I made a lid for the digester out of Lexan sheet. Since this is a science project, students need to see the poo fermenting inside. The connector is a threaded brass pipe fitting which cut it's own tread in the Lexan, secured by a nut on the other side.

Then I got some small helpers. For some reason, the chickens like the inside of my workshop. It makes for a little chicken crap in the place, but I like the company.

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