Saturday, August 16, 2008

Great steaming heaps of s...e

It rained about two inches on Thursday afternoon, and so the big pile of sheep bedding in the pig sty that I had recently shoved out there was all fired up. Compost needs water as much as plants do, but not too much or it will start using the very different anaerobic decomposition system, which stinks. Believe it or not, this pile doesn't smell bad at all.

The hotter the pile the better, because that kills the disease organisms, and any remaining hay and grain seeds. I expect it's 160 degrees F. in the center of this pile right now.

Aimee devised a system with an old grain sack to deflect the chickens from going up the barn steps to the hay loft, where they poop on the hay and try to hide eggs from us. A very puzzled chicken still tried to hop up, to no avail.

Finally, some ducks arrived for a spell. I guess we're house-sitting these guys for Aimee's student Meg, pictured, whose landlord won't let her have them at home just now. The ducks liked oats soaked in water, and dabbled away like mad for it.

I think if we have ducks, we will need a duck-pond, and if we had a duck pond, it might as well be a fish pond too, and if we were going to have a fish pond, I should get a backhoe, so I could build it myself, and then I could also more easily pull up stumps, etc, around the place.

But that might mean I needed a bigger tractor. Aimee thinks that seems like a lot of money just for three ducks. So they have a kids paddling pool for now.

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