Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wet spot woes

Daisy-dog, our old M3 (Maladjusted Malamute Mongrel) has developed incontinence. We first noticed a strange odor, then saw her rug would be wet every morning.

In our battle to maintain a sane and normal homelife despite having a piddlesome dog, we first took minor countermeasures: rug-washing, floor cleaning, general additional besoming.

Then, when that proved insufficient, we bought new dog beds and instituted a rotation. But the odor remained.

So we now clean her spot and change her bed daily. We have sheared off her stinky fur and bathed her several times. And she doesn't get let back into the house until late. When I wake in the night, usually around 3 or 4am, to tend to my own aging bladder, she is let out and not allowed back in except to the porch. Then I change her bed.

We also took her to the vet, who prescribed antibiotics. I doubt these will work. Privately, I think she has hip dysplasia or some other local paralysis. Her tail end is a bit withered and her back legs don't always work quite the way they should.

You know you have a dog piddle problem when you start buying Odo-ban in bulk!

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