Saturday, January 8, 2011

Angry (at the) birds

Here's our chickens hanging out in my workshop, the silly clucks.

I hate when they do this because they poop all over the floor and leave feathers everywhere and get into stuff they shouldn't get into, but to get them to stop I would have to close the door, which restricts the light, as well as the space I have in there to move around and get things done.

Sometimes I shoo them all out, or have Haggis shoo them all out, only to have them come back in when I'm not looking.

Why do they prefer the shop? When they have a huge barn all of their own, except for the sheep pen? And the entire dooryard, indeed the whole durn farm and all the surrounding woods and dells?

Well, it is a degree or two warmer in there with the wood furnace running full blast right now. And there's less draft.

And, I suppose, there's interesting stuff they shouldn't get into, to get into.

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