Sunday, January 16, 2011

Winter beauty

This morning was fairly gorgeous on the Great Farm, with bright yellow sunshine and twinkly air and fluffy fresh snow.

This first shot is from inside our barn, looking through the double Dutch doors.

Then there's the sunrise over the woodlot.

The next shot is an attempt to capture the fat snowdrops melting off the branches of the ash trees in the hedgerow. It doesn't work for that, but it's still pretty.

Finally, the sheep.

Our sheep don't care much for winter beauty. They hang out in the shade of the barn, traipsing around on the same three or four sheep trods in the snow.

Sheep are total Eeyores, when it comes to pretty. Not enthusiasts at all.

They much prefer oats and hay. That gets them enthusiastic.

There was a time when I found it hard to appreciate the stark light beauty of a North American winter. An ex-pat, I thought that I most liked to hike in soggy green countryside even in the winter, and didn't realize I could just as easily enjoy hiking in whiteness and light.

It took me about twenty-five years to develop a taste for it.

People, like sheep, are creatures of habit and like to traipse the same old sheep trods.


  1. The light sure is pretty when it's sunny and -20'C! I woke this morning to -25'C. I'll wait a bit before going on my run.

  2. Don't burn those lungs, youth. You'll need them later!


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