Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Blizzard avoidance techniques

The wind blew and the snow fell -- actually it came sideways -- and we have the kind of superior plastering that will take until 10 am or so tomorrow to plow and dig ourselves out of. A foot and a half now, maybe two or more by the time it's all over. College was canceled today and may be tomorrow morning too.

I went outside exactly twice, for less than ten minutes each time, to check on the animals. Aimee went out only once.

So it was indoor jobs and activities. Here's our Singer 150 "Chunky Knitter."

This is a 1980s model hand-operated knitting machine we picked up second or third hand a couple years ago. We bought it from the Rockport, ME Knitting Circle, who had been given it as a gift at some point, but none of the ladies could puzzle it out and in any case they were mostly interested in hand knitting, so it lingered for years and then they sold it for pin money.

We have an enormous amount of yarn and fleece, and so handicrafts wouldn't make much of a dent. It takes a machine like this to make any sense out of the quantities of material we have on hand.

This is the sleeve for a sweater, now ready to stitch up, that was started Sunday. It took around 8 hours altogether, for the full sweater.

While I knitted, Aimee did college work (I did do a little of that too earlier), and did her jigsaw puzzle. I made her a new smaller puzzling table out of some spare laminated flooring boards and some trim. It's a great surface for puzzles, hard and smooth.

This is the second one I've made, both modeled after one her parents have. The first was too big, and so Aimee wanted a smaller one.

What my wifie wants, my wifie gets.

(Within reason.)


  1. And the snow keeps falling (here anyway). I love this weather! The only difference living in VT than in MO is that the entire state doesn't shut down with snowfall. I still have to make the trek to work, but that's okay, it's nothing for this Albertan. :)

  2. True. You need to be ready for it and to have the right gear and know what to do. Bangor Airport stayed open yesterday, and the freeway was down to 35 mph, but also was kept clear.

    We're all plowed out already, and I could still be to work on time.


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