Saturday, January 15, 2011

Stayin' warm?

Here's our outside thermometer showing -7 F (-22 C) this morning at dawn.

That's not nearly as cold as it gets around here, but it is cold enough to take a few precautions.

I gave special care to tending our wood stoves last night, making sure to throw another log on at 2pm. I checked the taps to be sure the pipes were not about to freeze, and I turned on our small electrical heater in my den.

I wore my "mad bomber" hat with the rabbit-fur ear muffs to feed the animals this morning. I gave the sheep extra oats to keep their rumens running hot, and I'll give them two bales of hay to go at today instead of one.

For my own rumination purposes, I had a nice greasy breakfast, with four rashers of our own bacon and two eggs and two slices of fried bread, as well as some of our canned tomatoes.

The only items we didn't grow ourselves were the bread and the coffee. Actually, Aimee makes her own bread, but not from our own grains. And coffee, unfortunately, won't grow in Maine.

Earlier in the week I had finished the sweater I started Sunday, and I'm wearing it now and it's very thick and warm and comfy.

These pictures are before and after the first hot wash. I want these sweaters to be pre-shrunk, so I make them abut a third bigger to begin.

Aimee always has a good laugh at me trying on the sweaters, especially when they haven't been shrunk yet. I look like Nanook of the North.

I didn't get the collar quite right and may spend some time re-doing that today.

Last night Aimee decided to torment an animal, something she does fairly frequently. Especially when the animal is the male of her own species.

This time I was off the hook. Mary-dog was the victim.

I'd placed a cookie sheet on the floor for the dogs to clean up. Aimee decided to get down on all fours and act like a dog, growling and baring her teeth, and quickly forced Mary-dog off the tray.

Mary-dog took this all very seriously and made all the proper submissive dog actions, whining, face-licking, rolling on her back and showing her belly.

"Please, please let me lick the cookie tray!"

I guess we know who really is top dog around here, don't we?

Today I think we'll take to dogs for a good walk, after the sun has been up for a while and the worst of the cold has abated. Aimee plans to go shopping in Bangor.

Sooner her than me. I don't wish to go anywhere today. Not while it's this cold.

Then, when she gets back, we'll watch the Steelers-Ravens game.

It doesn't get much better than that, not in Maine, not in January.

Domestic bliss.

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