Monday, July 4, 2011

At the parade

Haggis and I went to watch the July 4th parade in the nearby town of Brooks, Maine.

I like to take Haggis with me when I go somewhere like this. He's so very well behaved around other people that he's a real pleasure to be with. He just hangs out and accepts everyone's admiration and petting like it's his natural due and nothing could be more routine.

A prince among dogs is Mr. Haggis.

Despite the fact that he's named after a generally suspicious Scottish sausage.

American parades are always fun for an ex-pat Brit. I've been in rather too many British military parades, but the American variety are way more fun. They are noisy with horn-honking, sirens and music, exuberant, and feature the internal combustion engine and all its derivative transportation forms in large measure.

Here's Paul, formerly the owner of the best hardware store in Maine (now sadly a shadow of its former self thanks to the numpties that took it over), on his retiree's muscle bike, in his American Legion uniform.

Paul is a US Navy vet.

The sign on the Brooks Fire Department engine says "Thank God for Volunteers."

Amen to that.

There were motorcycles, vintage cars, horses, and even quite a few goats.

Why goats? I have no idea. Maybe Aimee and I should enter with our sheep next year.

Aimee could go as Bo-Peep.

The best float I saw was the bluegrass band. They were playing as they went by.

Paraders threw candy, particularly Tootsie Rolls. I scooped up a few for Aimee because she likes Tootsie Rolls.

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