Saturday, July 16, 2011


Here's a fine pail of weeds, one of about twenty such bucket-loads I pulled today.

And the next photo shows the secret of raising tasty pork and effective weed-recycling.


Pigs love to eat weeds.

In our garden what we mostly get is quack grass, known as couch grass in Britain, as well as -- what else? -- pig weed!

Lots of pig weed. It grows well in the potato patch, where it is able to shoot up rapidly enough to clear the height of the potato plants.

I've learned that pulling weeds by hand and feeding them to the pigs is more successful and more rewarding than hoeing. I expect in times gone by, my various Celtic and Anglo-Norse ancestors people also fed weeds to their pigs, rather than hoeing them under. It just makes sense, and isn't so very difficult, or very much more work, really, once you get used to it.

As for the sheep, they make pretty good lawn mowers, as well as trimmers and edgers.

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