Thursday, July 7, 2011


There hadn't been enough rain. The garden was dry and dusty. A storm over the weekend dropped enough moisture to create a temporary smear in the sheep's grain dishes, but not enough to wet the soil.

The same storm produced golf-ball sized hail a few miles to the north. But barely any moisture, frozen or otherwise, on this spot.

I almost broke out the sprinklers, which we rarely need here in Maine, but another storm was forecast for Wednesday night. I watched it come on the weather map, just to make sure the "widely scattered" storm cells weren't going to dodge around the farm, but it hit us pretty good, with three-quarters of an inch of rain.

The storm came out of the western mountains like most of our Maine thunderstorms do, and so once it passed, we had a very strange sunset, with interesting pink-orange light all around the farmyard.

This morning the rain was still heavy on the grass, and it looked as though weeds had sprung up overnight in the garden. A few potatoes and tomatoes had been struck down by the downpour. The potato plants will recover, but we'll have to tend to the tomatoes. I was fixing tomato cages over the weekend and ran out, needing about twenty more. Without cages some of our plants fell over. I'll have to see if I can't find some cages at the hardware store today so I can pick the plants back up.

Even so, we needed the rain and I was glad to see it.

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