Friday, July 1, 2011

New camera for the 4th!

Aimee and I took a rare together-shopping trip to Bangor today. This happens rarely because Aimee hates the way I shop -- I either dawdle too much or I make my mind up too fast. But we had to go to a funeral together first, and so we thus had to shop together.

Yes, that's right. Someone had to die before my wife would take me shopping.

Which meant I got a new camera. I'd been bidding on cameras like the one Aimee has on eBay, but had lost all my auctions. Then Aimee came up with a discount coupon for Best Buy, and so we decided to get me a new camera while we were in town.

After all these years of breaking second-hand digital cameras, I couldn't make myself get even a moderately-priced one. We got the cheapest regular-sized digital camera in the store, but it takes video and has a decent size memory.

Couldn't find any steel-toed work boots, though. My old ones have blown out, but there were none in my size that I liked.

Here are pictures of her Royal Aimee-ness with her subject chickens, ruling the roost, the herb and rose garden out front which is just lush and fragrant and colorful right now, and the sheep going gangbusters on their holiday gift -- a protein block with molasses, which will give them the selenium missing from Maine soil and plants.

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