Saturday, January 2, 2010

8 to 16 inches

That's the forecast for central Maine. Not such a big storm, then. But we'll see, no doubt. We're high here, 530 feet above sea level, while most of our region is lower than 200 feet.

Still, even eight inches is enough to keep us at home, coming on top of the five inches we got yesterday.

Aimee was planning to shop for a new bed, which she has wanted for a long, long while, but she'll have to wait until the roads are clear. I'm supposed to take delivery of two cords of dry firewood, but we'll see if the guy makes it over.

Craft and other indoor projects are in order. I've been working on my den -- some new shelves, a tidy-up, some new pictures on the wall, and reorganizing my books. Aimee has begun to knit a sweater. I've almost finished one -- on the machine, though, where it goes ten times faster.

I have some college work to do, and there's the small matter of a brochure for farmers thinking of a wind turbine, telling them how to study their land for wind power, but I still have that "dammit, I-need-a-vacation" feeling.

We worked hard this last fall, and a bit of R and R is definitely in order, even if it has to be declared and enforced by a nor'easter.

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