Sunday, January 3, 2010

Quite the mess

I got up quite late for me, expecting to have to plow and shovel out just a bit, but there was even more than I bargained for.

First, the smaller of the two town plow trucks was stuck on my lawn. The older driver knows where the road goes, but the younker driving this 3/4 ton Dodge didn't. As a result, he got mired trying to cross the lawn, where two feet of new wind-packed snow masked plow-banks of solid old snow.

I fired up the trusty Kubota and moved all the snow from in front of and behind the Dodge-beast and the big daddy plow came back and pulled out the little baby plow.

That was just the beginning of my labors, of course. Suffice it to say, we were all done by 1.30pm (after having started around 6am!).

A nice, very British cup of tea and a snooze were called for. And received. Toot sweet.

There's still the matter of ice on the porch roof, which will have to be chipped and shoveled off but I have a couple of sore muscles and so that will have to wait until tomorrow. We will have a big "green gym" day tomorrow, too, with the ice and two cords of new firewood to be delivered and stacked in the wood cribs.

Shepherd's pie for supper again. I made this yesterday. Comfort food. Yum.

Actually, this particular pie should be called "ram pie" since it's made of the mutton from Abe our old ram, recently demised.

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