Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lazy Sunday photos

Here's Poppy, a sheep pretending to be an old English sheepdog. I don't know how she sees to eat.

Today was warm, by the afternoon. This morning was frigid as usual, probably around zero, but we got a break from Canadian air. A storm passing up to our west is bringing a southerly breeze and a warm air mass. It was up to forty F by this afternoon, a very rapid increase. All the icicles on the roof started to drip and occasionally we hear one come crashing off.

Which means for once I don't have to mine the firewood pile every couple of hours. Here's the work face. We have about three-quarters left of what we had a couple weeks ago, but there's really only one truly frigid month left. As soon as it warms up enough to stop using the wood furnace in the garage, the firewood pile depletion rate drops to less than a quarter of what it was.

Chickens were enjoying the sun, as was head ewe Tillie.

A noble profile, there, Till.


  1. Sweet sheep! I see you still have a good amount of wood. Our second year of heating the house with wood is going great. I love the process--cutting, splitting, stacking, covering with tarps, carrying into the house, burning, lugging coals out to the field--it's a small blessing to be able to heat with wood.

  2. Hey Deanna. Poppy is a cute wee lamb. Her sister Polly, unfortunately, was the one who went to the butchers last week, coming back as lamb chops and sausage and ground lamb.

    Got enough snow in VT?


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