Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pictures of anything but snow

I'm not as tired of snow as I usually am this time of year. It's been a much easier winter for me because I'm in better physical shape. This is primarily because I had regular "green gym" workouts last fall while building a barn with students at the college. Normally, after a fall of office work and teaching, I'm much unhappier with the way I feel.

It also helps that the big insulation plan for the house is almost complete and we are reaping the benefits in terms of reduced fuel consumption and a more pleasant and even distribution of heat around the place.

Still, I felt we could all do with some photos of something other than snow. Aimee is a good animal photographer, and has some interesting photos I've never put on this blog.

These are raided from her webpage:


  1. Lovely...a reminder of things to come. Definately a pleasant change from ice and snow! Thank you

  2. Thanks, Annie.

    Things are looking up here. It's at least 25 F out there right now, and sunny! Not so terrible, even if there is three feet of white stuff on the ground.

  3. LoL so different to here,I bet you wonder why we make so much fuss over a little bit of frost :)

  4. I used to complain more about Maine's winter, but I've gotten used to it. Sort of the same way Americanisms like "gotten used to it" have crept into my everyday speech.

    My family used to think Sheffield had a hard winter. Now I realize that any place where carrots and Brussels sprouts can be left in the ground all winter isn't that cold!


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